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The latest Tweets from saucydates (@ saucydates). A totally free online dating webite owned by an industry recognised entrepreneur who single handedly did all the code.
The latest Tweets from saucydates (@ saucydates). A totally free online dating webite owned by an industry recognised entrepreneur who single handedly did all the code.
Why join Saucy Date? Most people don't have the time for a long term relationship or even look for a partner and even if you do have the time, are you sure you want.

Looking to meet locals etc and have a good time, saucydates . Keep your credit card in your pocket and away from hookup sites where it belongs. Saucy dates is completely free generating income from advertisement. As a female, I find there are very few guys with follow through unfortunately.

On the other hand, there are wonderful people who you come in contact saucydates from all over. This site is great. Not everything about sex. I have met some great friends from all around the world. No even basic info about the members how am I suppose to find someone in my area.

Thank you for the feedback. I think it depends on your location and we do need denver escorts reviews people to know about our totally free service.

We have good volumes of people in the USA and UK for major cities. We need more in AU and CA for sure. We are genuinely free which is saucydates rare so please join and tell people about us, we need your support to grow further. While I appreciate a hookup site that is totally free, it appears that SaucyDates is not attracting enough attention and then keeping it when they have it. I tried searching for dates, hookups, etc.

I think this says something about their marketing. Thanks for the comment. Marketing costs money and as we are free our profit margins are much lower than the sites you mentioned. This is a reality of business. We need our members to tell people about the site and help increase the number of users. You should also read the terms ad conditions of pay casual dating sites. Most people ignore them but if you read every word you may be surprised to what really happens.

And one final comment, please tell people about the site, help us to help you. It really is so irritating to have our accounts deleted for no reason whatsoever, saucydates .

You want us to nominate SD, no friggin chance. The site is oh so dead. Hope it disappears soon. Saucydates for consumers: You have to work hard to get anywhere on this site, but it is free.

I own the site and in general most of these comments are valid. Let me add a bit more detail. I feel we struggle with live chat as it is impossible to provide an area that people from all over the world can get on with each other. We have a chat room that everyone is together, saucydates , there will always be some friction. Live chat is a tiny part of the site and people are best to contact and chat with people that they like via private messages. Access to messages and private pictures is only granted to me as of course I need access to them.

People may upload abusive images, copyrighted images etc, they have to be checked. But scanning with in house code is critical to providing our service. For example, it will scan a look for people trying to scam others, offer sexuality services for cash, under age members etc.

Overall the site is rated by its users as one of the best casual sites online today and I often survey members, get feedback and improve.

You can choose your age range and people outside of this cannot send you a message. Hi Audrey, I understand this is an issue for some people. I think from other reviews we offer a genuine service and we need more people to know about what we are doing. We want to have more users too! Thank you for the positive feedback. Still lots of ideas to improve further. Have fun on the site! Thank you for the positive review. The site is okay. Awesome to have customers that turned on to our brand :.

Online Business Reviews: Find Trustworthy Sites, saucydates , Avoid Scams. Looking forward to meeting loads in summer at big party ". Fling, Saucydates , FuckBook, etc, saucydates . Was this review helpful?

Below are questions from consumers with answers from the SaucyDates staff and other consumers. Do not write reviews in this section - click here to write a review. Q: If I report someone is there profile deleted and how long does this take? Q: is SSID used on saucy dates please.

Get answers from the SaucyDates staff and other customers. Note: this is not for reviews - click here to write a review. How long does shipping take? What is the return policy?

Where is the company located? About SaucyDates from the business, saucydates . Have a question about SaucyDates? Block people in live chat