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Jan 04, 2017  · prostitute ‎(plural prostitutes) A person, especially a woman, who has sexual intercourse or engages in other sexual activity for payment.
Prostitutes will often proposition truckers using a CB radio from a vehicle parked in the non-commercial section of a truck stop parking lot.
Define prostitute. prostitute synonyms, prostitute pronunciation, prostitute translation, English dictionary definition of prostitute. n. 1.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Prostitution. Baden-Wuerttemberg Hookers Bavaria Hookers Berlin Hookers Brandenburg Hookers Bremen Hookers Hamburg Hookers Hesse Hookers Lower Saxony Hookers Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Hookers North Rhine-Westphalia Hookers Rheinland-Pfalz Hookers Saarland Hookers Saxony Hookers Saxony-Anhalt Hookers Schleswig-Holstein Hookers Thuringia Hookers. They contributed to music, dance, theatre, film, and the Urdu literary tradition. These groups generally oppose Nevada-style regulation and oversight, stating that prostitution should be treated like other professions. Stanford: Stanford University Press. Berat Hookers Diber Hookers Durres Hookers Elbasan Hookers Fier Hookers Gjirokaster Hookers Korce Hookers Kukes Hookers Lezhe Hookers Shkoder Hookers Tirane Hookers Vlore Hookers.

See words that rhyme with prostitute. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for prostitute. Spanish Central: Translation of prostitute. Nglish: Translation of prostitute for Spanish speakers. Britannica English: Translation of prostitute for Arabic speakers What made you want to look up prostitute? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Odiele made the announcement to raise awareness. The word is as old as English itself.

Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. And the havoc it has wreaked And can a floundering ship founder? One goose, two geese. Winter has returned along with cold weather. WORD OF THE DAY. Check your grammar now! See prostitute defined for English-language learners.

See prostitute defined for kids. Examples of prostitute in a sentence. Origin and Etymology of prostitute. Synonyms abasebastardizecankercheapencorruptdebauchdegradedemeandemoralizedepravedeterioratelessenpervertpoisonprofanedebasesubvertvitiatewarp Antonyms elevateennobleuplift Related Words befoulbegrimecontaminatedefiledilutedirtypollutetaintthinbest kama sutra downweaken ; descend ; disgracedishonorhumblehumiliateshametake down ; blemishdamagedefacedestroyflawharmhurtimpairmarruinspoilstaintarnishwreck ; depreciatedowngrade Near Antonyms dignifyexalthonor ; ameliorateamendbetterenhanceenrichimprovemeliorateperfect ; clarifycleancleanse prostitu es, purifyrefinerestore ; respect.

Synonyms bawdcall girlcocottecourtesandrab prostitu es, harlothookerhustlersex best sex booksstreetwalkerstrumpettartwhorewoman of the street Related Words madammadame ; white slave ; bimbo [ slang ], prostitu es, chippie also chippydoxy also doxiefloozy or floozieprostitu es, tramp ; bitchhussyjademinx ; coquetteflirtlibertinesirentemptertemptressvampwench.

Definition of prostitute for English Language Learners. Phrases related to PROSTITUTE, prostitu es. Learn More about prostitute. Britannica English: Translation of prostitute for Arabic speakers. What made you want to look up prostitute? Get Word of the Day daily email! Hot mom blowjob a photo of a bunny.

And the havoc it has wreaked. And can a floundering ship founder? Name that Thing: Toys and Games Edition. Examples: prostitute in a sentence. Learn a new word every day. Delivered to your inbox! BRITANNICA ENGLISH - ARABIC TRANSLATION. NGLISH - SPANISH-ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

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